Soumya Ranjan Mohapatra

AWS consultant

I am an accomplished AI engineer with a proven track record of success, having collaborated with esteemed clients such as Boeing, Airbus, London Metro, Phoenix Mall, and Tata Power. My work transcends industries, and I have consistently delivered groundbreaking solutions that have left a lasting impact.

In the aerospace sector, I’ve worked closely with Boeing and Airbus, pioneering AI algorithms that enhance safety and operational efficiency. Leveraging the power of cloud services, I’ve seamlessly integrated these AI solutions, harnessing the scalability and versatility of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

For London Metro, I’ve employed AWS services like Amazon Kinesis to transform their transit systems. Real-time data streaming and analysis have revolutionized passenger experiences and operations, ensuring smoother commutes for millions.

Phoenix Mall has seen remarkable improvements through my AI innovations. By building cloud AI platforms utilizing Amazon ECS, I’ve optimized customer engagement and inventory management, elevating the mall’s profitability and customer satisfaction.

My tenure with Tata Power has been marked by the integration of cloud services into energy operations. Leveraging AWS, I’ve enabled predictive maintenance, energy consumption optimization, and the seamless incorporation of renewable energy sources, furthering Tata Power’s commitment to a sustainable future.

My expertise extends to constructing cloud AI platforms like Kinesis, ECS, and more. These platforms allow for the rapid development and deployment of AI solutions, unlocking the potential of real-time data processing, scalability, and resource optimization.

Across sectors and technologies, my commitment to pushing the boundaries of AI, coupled with my mastery of cloud services, has consistently yielded transformative results. I remain dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that drive industries forward and improve the world we live in.