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Managed Cloud Hosting is a service that provides easy access to high-quality cloud technology for hosting websites. It simplifies the process, offers flexibility, and takes care of technical aspects like security and optimization. This hosting solution comes with valuable features like staging URLs, unlimited application installation, domain name addition, and free SSL certificates, making it a convenient choice for website owners.

In shared hosting, server resources are shared among numerous users on a single server. This often leads to inconsistent website performance, slow page load times, limited security, and increased vulnerability to cyberattacks from other websites on the same server. Shared hosting is cost-effective but compromises on performance and security.

On the other hand, managed cloud hosting provides dedicated cloud server resources for your website, resulting in fast page load times, robust security, hassle-free server management, and the option for free website migration. It offers the flexibility to scale server resources up or down based on website traffic, with pricing on an hourly basis. While managed cloud hosting is more expensive than shared hosting, it offers undeniable advantages in terms of performance and security.

Yes, you can smoothly migrate your website from shared hosting to managed cloud hosting. Most shared hosting providers offer FTP or SFTP access, enabling you to transfer your website files and database to your managed cloud hosting. In the event that FTP or SFTP access is not available, you can simply download your website data from your shared hosting account.

Additionally, we offer a free website migration service to all users, regardless of their plan. Our skilled technical support team will handle the migration process for you. After migration, we conduct a quality assurance test to ensure that your website functions correctly in its new managed cloud hosting environment.

You can host an unlimited number of websites on one server with no additional charges for website installations. We offer complete freedom, allowing you to host as many websites as you need, along with unlimited domain names, free SSL certificates, and the flexibility to use different PHP versions for each website, all on a single server.


Yes, you can obtain a free SSL certificate for every domain name added to your application. Additionally, you have the option to install custom SSL certificates on specific domains while still using our free SSL certificate for your other domain names.


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